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KICK START YOUR COLLECTING WITH A COLORFUL 50 STATE SET for $325.00 usd plus mailing cost. ...Ordering for this item is via email. (subject to availability) 1- 50 state set available, varied years recent recent passenger plates

Item# USA50DEAL1
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: If interested in this plate set collection, please contact us via email and we will send an e-invoice to you with the appropriate mailing charge to your location. For this item please quote Item # USA50DEAL1

COLORFUL GRAPHIC LICENSE PLATES FOR $325 usd.... Nice cross section of expired Graphic passenger plates (mostly recent styles) from all states. These USA state run plates are all in excellent condition.

This is an ideal way to instantly upgrade or kick start your collection with the latest plate editions, decorating a Man Cave, bar, restaurant, garage, work shop, recreation room, chalet, etc etc. (Plates will have different letters/numbers from those shown in the picture).

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