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Please read this Paragraph: We are now in our 17th year of internet sales, with this site and another we had earlier. Recently my daughter Julia was added to the name thus the name www. or still known as Tim's Plate store.. Julia has been processing all orders while I have been in Florida for the past 7 winters. She also processes orders when I am away during the other months. We are in this business for the LONG HAUL. It is good to know that my daughter is very capable of running this site when I am away. As always, We strive for excellent Customer Service.

TRUSTED VENDOR at Tim's Plate with a reliable track record of WORLDWIDE Internet sales. This On line commenced in October 2005. Vendor is a Member of ALPCA (#10318). Paypal certified/verified. Friendly, honest and service oriented. This Vendor is also a collector of North American plates with many graphic and older plates in his collection. Interested in nature and classic cars, you will find a few pictures throughout the site. For ethical reasons, we are no longer a vendor on e-bay.

Our qualifies for the Yahoo Live badge. " Based on Yahoo’s analysis of your site , we’ve determined that it’s among the very best for what you sell. Your utilizes Yahoo's 256-bit secure encryption during checkout to protect your (customer) data. This is Trustworthy. Shop with confidence."

We recently purchased the domain and changed our name to: We where formerly and still exist on the internet as Tim's Plate Store with a web site address of: or (will take you there)....You can google search at either of these web addresses which will bring you to this domain. Further details about us can be found under the "ABOUT US" section with Tab at the top of the page where you will find our contact email address and telephone number. .


A large selection of North American authentic expired license plates / plate tags ..... mostly more recent plate issues with a number of popular oldies thrown in. Ideal for the collector, hobbyist, room decorating such as your Man Cave, Bar, , , , garage, theme displays and promotions, projects, decorating a child's room or any room, Ski chalet, cottage, summer home, cabin, ranch, studio/movie props, marketing, a gift, a birth year plate, souvenir, a memento of travels. A great gift idea for the collector , work/crafts, etc .

Plate your classic. YOM available for Michigan, Ohio and Ontario.Your Internet for authentic Collector License Plates and YOM for Michigan, Ohio, Ontario and other jurisdictions as available. (Our plates are Quality Plates) NOTE: THE PLATE IN THE PICTURE IS THE ONE YOU WILL RECEIVE. With Internet Sales of over 13 plus years , WE ARE STOREFRONT FRIENDLY. Awarded Yahoo Live Badge for Secure Checkout. You can shop with Confidence. HOSTED BY YAHOO

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Our Feedback page (displayed with the ThumbsUP symbol). We have provided plates not only to collectors and customers for the classic vehicles but to many restaurants in Europe, Canada and the USA, for Decorating & of course favorable comments from customers. If you visit the Air Canada Center and see the Leaf symbol 3D logo (an Aaron Foster design), the plates used for this logo came from this . We have donated plates to a child with Autism (had an ability with remembering numbers) and also to schools where there are children with disabilities and, interested in plates.


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Tim's Plate
USA: Grosse Pointe MI, CDA: Windsor,ON
Winter months: Florida

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By phone: 519-819-2768 (between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.(Eastern time zone-NY Time).

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