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To determine your shipping amount related to items in your shopping cart, complete the shipping calculator located at top right of your screen. Our shopping cart, checkout system is programmed to determine shipping rate to your specific location (STATE, or PROVINCE). DUTY FREE: There are no customs duty-tariff charges applicable to your purchase. We have paid them.

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The system is programmed for your location, state or province

Should you need an expedited delivery, please contact us at: We will do our best to accommodate you and WILL need to use UPS and will invoice you accordingly for difference charged.

CANADA SPECIFIC: Packages will be shipped as follows: 500 grams or less via postal system and thereafter packages will be sent net parcel-ups with tracking. It is cheaper than postal rates.

Please note: We buy in USD and sell in USD. It is the common currency used on the internet world wide. There are no duty charges.


Shopping cart checkout is available to all international locations with few exceptions. If shopping cart checkout does not apply shipping rate for your location, please contact us via email outlining your location, items you are interested in, and we will get back to you with appropriate mailing rates and delivery times and will issue an e-invoice to you.

NOTE: Our Shopping cart checkout system is programmed for your particular country as follows, for International orders:

First 10 plates: Airmail

11 plus plates: Surface Mail*

(*unless you request airmail via email or in comments section of your ,, we will e-invoice you the difference in cost for airmail postage)

Tracking, if you wish this feature, please contact us so we can issue a invoice for the $8.00 fee approx. Some countries do not provide for tracking.



24 HOUR TURNAROUND TIME: We ship your Package within 24 hours or on the first mailing day following receipt of your order and payment. UPS packages will be delivered in 2-3 days up to 5 days, depending on your location

WHEN SHIPPED: You will be advised via email thru the system or you can always on the site as to the status of your ..

We do not charge a handling charge in our shipping rates.



Should you not wish to thru our Shopping cart checkout system, (which is secure), you can (OFF SITE) via email giving us your name, address and product code of item or items you wish to . We will ensure they are in stock and issue an e-invoice to your email address with appropriate mailing rate. We will also consider payment via money or from ALPCA members.


IMPORTANT SITE FACTS:...............................

THE SITE MAP - top of page, can be browsed for quick access to a particular plate/item/year of plate in our stock.

REFRESH YOUR BROWSER: As we continually update our web , we suggest you REFRESH your browser to ensure the most recent plates are shown for you to view.

OUR PICTURES/GRADING QUALITY: The pictures for our plates/products are taken in natural lighting and the majority are in the Very Good to excellent condition categories. If there is an issue with a plate, we normally note it in the description section for that plate/item.

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: The plate in the picture is the one that you will receive.

IN STOCK YES OR NO: A plate is in stock if the picture of plate you wish to purchase SHOWS in your shopping basket. ( click "Your Shopping Cart" outlined in Red top right).


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OTHER INFO:...................................

CUSTOMS CHARGES/ duty-tariffs: Not applicable to United States or Canadian orders.

RUSH ORDERS: This can be arranged thru the , Fedex or UPS however you will need to advise us and thru email not thru the checkout shopping cart system as it is set up for regular mailing. Note: Normal rates thru courier are based on a one pound minimum rate.

PACKAGING: In to protect your purchase, we use cardboard packing and as appropriate, bubble pak (properly packed) mailers

TO ALL CUSTOMERS: Please ensure we have the correct mailing address for you.

PROMOTIONS: Discounts/shipping promotions/Coupons will be applied to off site orders when offered on the site.


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